Real testimonials

"Sheila Marie McNamee"


   BEST CHARTER EVER!!!! I am a mid 50 yo female angler; I have fished around the world. Milwaukee Offshore Fishing was exceptional! Easy to work with, scheduling the right trip ( early am for us), when the bite was on and we had a double hookup within 15 minutes! Also had a TRIPLE hookup!!!! Nick is a young Capt on a perfect size boat, who is very knowledgeable

"Amanda Chine"


   My husband and i do fishing charters all over the country and these guys are THE BEST. BY FAR. Not only did we catch HUMONGOUS fish, we had the funnest time with Mark and Nick, doing the “fish dance” to Despacito (which we still do every time we fish lol - it’s good luck!!) and they even sent me a Christmas Present - a King Salmon trophy for catching the 5th biggest fish of the year!



With school starting up, I wanted to have one more awesome experience with just “the guys”.  I grew up on Lake Michigan and knew that chartering a boat to catch some big ones would be a great experience for my boys.  I was not disappointed.  I chose to do the 7 hour trip,   I highly recommend that you book a trip with Offshore Fishing Charters.  Thanks Mark and Dave!

Kim Mcneil recommends .


It’s simple - these guys are great at finding big fish and helping you catch them.  I limited out with the biggest fish I’ve ever caught and they apologized for not finding bigger fish.  Can’t wait to go again

Laura Bentz recommends


Captain Mark was very responsive & informative. Everyone on the trip caught the max for the day. The guys had a blast catching some BIG fish!!  I would recommend this trip to everyone.  7 hours was perfect. Well worth it!!

Zach Trepanier reviewed 5 stars


 This was my second time on a Lake Michigan fishing charter and this trip blew my first experience out of the water. The whole group was pulling fish out of the water - one after the other. Tons of fun and a great team to lead it. Highly recommend this if you're looking to do a charter on Lake Michigan!