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Record fish caught off Milwaukee Fishing Charter

Check out this great video

Spring $375 3hr Coho Trip. Fishing guide included. Book Now

A boat charter team in Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Lake Michigan Fishing Coho Trip with a fishing guide

Guided Milwaukee fishing charters are the best way to catch Lake Michigan's best tasting fish the Coho. These fish range from 12 to 30 inches and have rich pink meat that is best for grilling,baking or pan frying. Your trip will leave out of Milwaukee, Racine or Kenosha . This trip will last 3 -8 hrs and we will supply everything needed including rods, reels and lures to catch these fish.  Our fishing guide knows how to catch these fish so get your grill ready. Spring only so book now. 1-4 person.  See below for more options and times . $375 is Per Group 

Milwaukee Fishing is now open

Milwaukee Offshore Fishing Charters Has many trips available this year. Milwaukee Salmon fishing is now affordable for everyone. If you need us to help place you with a group to save some money we will . Call for details 1-414-617-9331. Check out our Facebook and Instagram posts. 

Milwaukee Offshore Salmon Fishing Charter Rates

Milwaukee - Salmon Fishing Trip

$375 -  3hr 5am to 6pm Spring Coho.....................

$475 -  5hr 7am and 1pm  Salmon Trip ..................

$575 - 7hr 5am  and 1pm  Salmon Trip...................

$675 -  8hr 5am and 1pm Salmon Trip....................

$875 - 12hr 5am 7am and 8am Salmon ..................

Call 1-414-617-9331 for other departure times 

Racine - Salmon Fishing Trip

$485 5hr - 7am and 1pm Salmon Trip 

$585 7hr- 5am and 1pm  Trip ...........

$685 8hr - 5am and 1pm Salmon Trip 

Call 1-414-617-9331 for other  departure time details 

Kenosha - Salmon Fishing Trips

$495 5hr - 7am and 1pm Salmon Trip 

$595 7hr -5am and 1pm Salmon Trip

$695 8hr -5am and 1pm Salmon Trip 

Call 1-414-617-9331 for other departure times . 

Port Washington - Salmon Fishing Trip

$495 5hr  -7am and 1pm Salmon Trip

$595 7hr  - 5am and 1pm Salmon Trip 

$695 8hr  - 5am and 1pm Salmon Trip 

$895 12hr - 5am 7am Salmon Trip ......

Call 1-414-617-9331 for other departure times . 


Sturgeon Bay - Smally / Walleye Fishinng Trip *seasonal

$399 3hr - Night Walleye Trip

$475 5hr - Night Walleye Trip

$475 5hr - Huge Smallys Trip

$599 8hr - Huge Smallys Trip

$899 11hr-Dark to Dark Smally Trip

* after 2 person $50 per person

Milwaukee Offshore Salmon Fishing Charters Trips Include

Milwaukee guided tournament fishing boat

Our custom salmon fishing boat gets you close to the action. Milwaukee Offshore fishing Charters finish on top every year in local tournaments . This is why we offer a guarantee you will fight a fish or your next trip is free. Come see why we are always on the leader board . LAKE MICHIGAN FISHING is on fire right now. Book Today. 1-414-617-9331


NO fight NO pay guarantee

 On the Offshore414 we are so confident you will fight a mighty GreatLake Michigan  Salmon, great tasting Coho, Lake Trout, Brown Trout or the high jumping Rainbow Trout or your next trip is FREE




Our Sturgeon Bay Fishing Guide Includes

Huge Smallmouth bass Guided trips Include

$399 to $899 Epic Sturgeon Bay Smallmouth bass trips. Get ready for some awesome scenery and some world class Bass fishing. Our guided fishing trip includes everything you need to catch many fish of a lifetime. We just caught and released 90 plus fish the last three days .Take a look at this action packed video and see why the Offshore is the boat to be on again. 

Call 1-414-899-9809 for details. 

 2 Person Trip &50 a person extra up to 4 person 

Look at these Huge fish we guide for

We offer the Best trip to date. You will use live bait and will hammer the smallys

call for details 1-414-899-9809

Not Sold Yet?

 If you do not fight a mighty Smallmouth bass your Next trip is  Free ! 

Get a hold of your taxidermist you will be putting one on the wall. 

The Offshore414

Why The Name

The Offshore414 is our team name in Lake Michigan  Salmon fishing tournaments, This boat finishes very well year after year. We fish to win and our fishing guide knows all the tips and tricks to keep us on  the leader board. Hook up a fishing charter and see us in action today.

Options include

 Simrad 4G broadband radar, Depth Raider speed and temperature monitor, Simad Evo 3 chart plotter and GPS graph, high chirp Sonar with side scan, Minn kota Utterra 36 Volt, Cannon Mag 10 STX power downriggers, Traxstech rod system with tree , Trim Tabs, Power pole, Marine 2way Radio, T-top with observation tower. This Boat is a  fishing machine that puts the fear in the competition .                           

Offsore414 on the Fly

 If you want to fish anywhere besides Lake Michigan let us know. The Offshore414 can be trailered to other favorite fishing holes for other species including but not  limited to Walleye, Musky, Panfish,  Perch or even Smallmouth Bass

Drop us a Line ! Anytime. 

2018 Big Fish Leader Board

1st Place Capt Jack

Jack 30.5 record  

A record off the Offshore414. A whopping 30lbs . What a fishing charter they had. 

2nd place. Zero to Hero

18.7 lb King Salmon

He tried and Tried and never gave up. He trusted us on his second trip with Milwaukee Offshore Fishing Charters and now he is in the second spot. Congrats


3rd Place The eater

 18lb King Salmon  

      This fish cane late to dinner but with one pole left In the water he decided to take our bait. This group also holds the record # 1 spot . Wow lucky group or a great fishing charter yiu  decide.

4th Place 85 years young

 Grampas 16lb King 

     The biggest fish the young 85 yr old caught of his life . Great fishing charters this year congrats

5th Place The Teacher

15.7 Lb Laker 

This fish was in school until the teacher showed up and pulled him out of class. Nice Lake Trout. 

6th The torpedo

 15lb king      

Navy vs Fish , guess who wins. Congrats to the home team . 

Last 6 Milwaukee Salmon Trips

Best May 2018 King Salmon

Nice King Salmon. Out of Milwaukee Fishing .

May was a great Month for Milwaukee Offshore Fishing Charters . We caught well over 300 fish 

May 2018 .......................

Another Nice Salmon. Fishing Charters out o Milwaukee were hot this May

Check out how big the fish are this year. I think we will see A 35lb fish caught out of Milwaukee in 2018 stay tuned . 

85 years young ...............

This young 85 year old just caught the biggest fish of his life and he had plenty of time to out do

This 85 year old just caught the biggest fish of his life off Milwaukee Offshore Fishing Charters . He wants to come back again to beat his personal best. Congrats . 

Whopper of a Rainbow ...............

13 Pound Rainbow Trout

This young man just caught his biggest Trout of his life . Come back In July and we will beat that one . Thanks we had fuN 

WTFish is this lol ................

What the .... this fish is huge

this can’t be true . Another huge fish caught off Milwaukee Offshore Fishing Charters 

Limits for days .................

Limit of Coho Salmon out of Milwaukee

We had a streak of limits his May 2018 that weee off the hook. Come get your hooks filled off Milwaukee Offshore Fishing Charters soon. Book Now ...

Funny Video "The Fish Dance"

Check out this great video. Everytime the bite slows down Milwaukee Fishing Charters has a Fish dance we can  do to help motivate the Salmon. Only on  the Offshore414 our Guides care about catching fish anyway we can. Book now  and lets dance. 1-414-617-9331


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