Our Boats

Benefits of a smaller boat

The tournament boat! This dorado is a really awesome boat to fish out of! Made down in Florida, it was built to do everything in close and offshore in big waves! With the front cover, everyone stays dry and warm.

The benefit of being on this boat is that it is fast and can get to and from fishing spots quick! This boat has a four-person max, which means it is cheaper than going on the big boat! Also, being in a small boat, you can sometimes catch more fish depending on the day and where you fish! The super quiet four-stroke outboard engine and the smaller size of the boat on a calm day can be a stealthy fish catching machine!!! This boat is excellent for small families and the hardcore fishermen!

Benefits of a bigger boat

This beautiful Tiara 2900 Open is an excellent choice for groups up to 6 people! With an almost 12ft wide beam, there is a lot of room to move around the deck while fighting fish.

Also, there is a private bathroom below! This is an excellent pick for big groups and people who wanna have a little more room while fishing! This boat comes rigged with the latest and greatest top-notch equipment for catching fish!!!

  • Garmin 7612
  • GMR Fantom 24
  • Reactor 40 autopilot
  • Panoptix Ps30