One more week

The new boat is one week away and we have lots to do. The list of things we need to do is overwhelming.  The Capt yells Get   R Done . Wish us luck. 
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Big fish again

Milwaukee Offshore Fishing Charters . May 5th . We some how  always catch Big fish . Call it luck or call it skill . Either way come be part of the crew and land your Big fish . 
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Book Now

Great action this morning Got our clients their limit and Dave got one on clean up!!! Had a last second cancellation for this afternoon and and have tomorrow afternoon open should be good! Call 414 617 9331
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Milwaukee Offshore Fishing Charters

Who says girls don’t fish

This young lady had a blast reeling and posing with her catch. She even took the fish home whole to clean and prepare . We want her to work for us now . Congrats 
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Fishing Alert . Cohos are in

Book now huge Coho Salmon are here . Book before they move on. 
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The 2019 tournaments

We finished in the top 15 and had a solid change to win it . We were just 2 fish away from really having a chance . We started off with a solid game plan and had 8 big fish in the box with 3 hours left. It seemed like we had forever to catch…
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